Zonteyre e-news October 2021

Presidents Report

It has been a very quiet month except for the ZOOM Conference. This was a great opportunity for all of us to attend and not have to travel. Despite our plan to meet at the Tasman, fell through, some of us were able to Zoom in from the comfort of our own homes. Several of us met

with the Lower Eyre group and were able to watch on the big screen. A big thank you to Kaaren who was our delegate and had planned to attend the Conference in Bendigo, but due to Covid lock-down was unable to go. Also another big thank you for her writing up a Report of the Conference. We all need to be supporting the Film ‘Six Minutes to Midnight’ to be held Sunday 31 October, as this is one of our few fundraisers for the year. Bring along as many friends as you can. Remember to book in!The 16 Days of Activism Dinner is progressing well. Mark this date in your diaries. November, 6.30 for a 7.00pm start. Paul Bartley is the guest speaker. Welcome to our new member Hazel Manning, we are really looking forward to working with you.We all received the ‘Core Competencies Development for Zonta Leadership’ document. This looks like a very useful tool that will help us save time in developing skills and abilities in Leadership for our group. Also a huge thank you to Jo Carmody for taking on the position of Treasurer.

Kind Regards
 Rosii Pedler

Guest Speaker – Yarredi Services: Kristen Lawler
and Mish Di Pinto

At our September meeting, Port Lincoln Zontians were joined by local Yarredi Domestic Violence Service staff Mish Di Pinto, Kirsten Lawler and former member Jo Wilkins.

Mish Di Pinto and Kristen Lawler provided an informative presentation to members at the September meeting

Kristen introduced herself as the Project Officer for the planned Womens Wellbeing and Safety Centre. This is a new initiative which will provide a safe place for women at risk or experiencing abuse or domestic violence. The Centre will provide access to services in addition to providing a safe space for local services to meet the needs of vulnerability women in the local community.

Kristen informed members that the Centre was born from a State Wide Round Table Conference and communities were empowered to develop a framework unique to
their communities needs. This has been the project for Kirsten. The development of a framework has been funded by a Grant from the Offie of Women, but ongoing funding will need to be sourced from alternative means.

Kristen is hopeful that the Port Lincoln Centre will be operational by January 2022. Whilst Yarredi is the lead agency, SAPOl, Centacare, Dept Human Services, Family Violence Legal Service, Aboriginal Family Support Service and SA Housing Authority are crucial partners.

The Women’s Wellbeing and Safety Centre will be located at 34 Mortlock Terrace. This location is ideal being situated close to Yarredi and next door to Centacare Catholic Country SA.

In addition to providing a wrap around service for vulnerable clients, the Centre will provide access to computers, an environment for networking and connecting, with the plan to extend services to include extras such as stress management, massage, and financial services.

Kristen provided some shocking statistics in relation to domestic violence in Australia including:1 woman a week is murdered as a result of DV; 1 in 3 have experienced DV since age 15; It is estimated that Domestic Violence costs the economy is $22 billion pa.

Kristen is keen for support with items to furnish the kitchen area including cooking pots, coffee cups, toaster, kettle and much more. If you can help, please contact Kristen at Yarredi.

Mish provided members with an update on the Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme. Mish reported that the scheme has been extremely successful with Yarredi Domestic Violence Counsellor Beth Lohmeyer assisting those in an intimate relationship to identify if their partner has a history violence which may put them at risk.

Mish stated that 1000 applications to the scheme in South Australia have resulted in a disclosure being made to the applicant that their intimate partner may pose a risk to their safety and wellbeing. Mish reported that the goal of the scheme was for clients (98% whom are women) to be empowered to make informed decisions about their intimate relationships. It is reported that approximately one application per week leads to disclosure of risk in the local region (Oak Valley to Whyalla). It is important to note that if you are concerned about someone, you can make a third party application to the scheme. Yarredi will make direct contact with the person at risk if a disclosure of risk is indicated.

New Members Receive Badges

It was with much pleasure that two of our newest members received their name badges at the monthly dinner meeting from President Rosii. Welcome aboard Kaaren and Hazel!page3image23343920

Girls not Brides – An Important Message from
President Sharon Langenbeck Ph.D.


“In the four minutes it takes you to read this letter, almost 100 girls under the age of 18 will be forced into a marriage.

We know the data. Globally, nearly 650 million girls and women alive today were married as children, and COVID-19 and school closures have put an additional 10 million girls at risk of becoming child brides before the end of the decade. No matter how many ways we look at the data, one fact remains: a key way to keep girls out of early and forced marriages is to keep them in school. Every year that a girlremains in secondary school her chances of not entering an early or forced marriage drops by six percent.

In July of this year, Girls Not Brides released a thematic brief, Girls Education and Child Marriage that explains the very delicate relationship between the two. The report states: The relationship between child marriage and girls’ education works both ways. Decisions around them are complex and influenced by a variety of factors. For example, a girl may drop out of school for an unrelated reason and then find marriage is the only option open to her; or the decision for her to get married may force her to drop out of school.

There is no easy solution to this problem, and we know it will take long- term, concerted efforts to end this harmful practice. Through our support of the Global Programme to End Child Marriage and actions at the national, state and local levels, we are making a difference. Please read on to learn how our support for the Programme is already changing minds and lives.

Our Zonta Says NO campaign is another great opportunity to raise awareness of the issue of child marriage. I am looking forward to seeing how you are saying NO to violence against women and girls this November. Follow our social media channels and bookmark ZontaSaysNO.com to see the actions that our clubs are taking for the 16 Days of Activism. Be proud of your work and the strength you bring to our fellow women and girls.

It has been about four minutes. What are you going to do for the next 100 girls?”

Zonta International Conference 2022

Zonta International 65th Conference in Hamburg, Germany is open for registrations! Should you not be able to join fellow Zontians in Hamburg, a virtual attendee option will be available.page5image23359680

Zonta Says NO!

November 25th will soon be upon us. Family and friends will appreciate being given the opportunity to share this dinner with you, so remember toinvite them along!

Easy to purchase tickets by scanning the QR code with your phone, or visit the website: HTTPS://ADELAIDETICKETS.COM.AU/EVENT/ 14448

Zonta magazine 

Historical issues of the Zonta magazine can be accessed here https://www.zonta.org/Web/News_Events/The_Zontian_Magazine


Sending all members who may have celebrated their birthday during August, September and October our very best wishes. We hope that you were just a little spoilt and had a wonderful day.

Important Upcoming Dates

November 25th – 16 Days of Activism Dinner 6.30pm

December 3rd – Christmas gathering at home of Julia & Gary Collins: details to come!

February 5th – Planning meeting 10.00am

Until next time,

Do note that our webpage for Zonta Port Lincoln is https://zontapl.wordpress.com

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